Effect of pasture vs. concentrate diet on CLA isomer distribution in different tissue lipids of beef cattle

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Pages (from-to)589-598
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Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2005
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This study examined the effects of feeding pasture vs. concentrate on the distribution of CLA isomers in the lipids of longissimus and semitendinosus muscle, liver and heart muscle, and subcutaneous fat in beef bulls. Sixty-four German Holstein and German Simmental bulls were randomly allocated to either an indoor concentrate system or periods of pasture feeding followed by a finishing period on a concentrate containing linseed to enhance their beef content of n−3 PUFA and CLA. The concentrations of CLA isomers in the different tissues were determined by GC and silver ion HPLC. The diet affected the distribution of individual CLA isomers in the lipids of the different tissues. The concentration (mg/100 g fresh tissue) of the most prominent isomer, cis-9,trans-11 18∶2, was increased up to 1.5 times in liver and heart tissue of bulls fed on pasture as compared with concentrate. However, no diet effect was observed for cis-9,trans-11 18∶2 in the lipids of longissimus muscle and subcutaneous fat. In all tissues, the second-most abundant CLA isomer in concentratefed bulls was trans-7,cis-9 18∶2. In contrast, trans-11,cis-13 18∶2 was the second-most abundant CLA isomer in all investigated tissue lipids of pasture-fed bulls. The concentration of the trans-11,cis-13 18∶2 isomer was up to 15 times higher in tissues of pasture-fed bulls as compared with concentrate-fed animals. Furthermone, diet affected the concentrations of the CLA trans,trans 18∶2 isomers. Pasture feeding significantly increased the concentrations of some trans,trans 18∶2 isomers as compared with concentrate, predominantly trans-12,trans-14 18∶2 and trans-11,trans-13 18∶2. Overall, pasture feeding resulted in significantly increased concentrations of the sum of CLA isomers in the lipids of longissimus, muscle, subcutaneous fat, heart and liver muscle of German Holstein and German Simmental bulls, but not in semitendinosus muscle.