Towards validation of an immune suppressor protein from liver flke as a drug target

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  • Rhwydwaith Gwyddorau Bywyd Cymru | Life Sciences Research Network Wales: £40,000.00

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Effective start/end date01 Oct 201530 Sept 2018


NRN funding has established a new research collaboration between Cardiff University Chemistry Department and IBERS Aberystwyth that should lead to further funding opportunities and progression of new compounds to screen for activity against a novel drug target from the global liver fluke parasite of livestock and humans. The NRN funding has supported a GCRF- BBSRC application as part of a large international research collaboration with scientists in the UK and India. BVGH are sourcing prostaglandin synthase inhibitor libraries from Pfizer and other companies and seeking collaborations with scientists screening compounds for other tropical worm diseases.