Building resilience into blue growth of the Irish Sea: adaptation to climate change in aquaculture and fisheries (Bluefish)

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Effective start/end date01 Jan 201731 Dec 2020


Bluefish will develop knowledge and understanding of the marine resources of the Irish Sea and Celtic Seas by addressing knowledge gaps regarding the effects on and potential vulnerability of selected commercial fish and shellfish from predicted climate change. Through the transfer of knowledge, transnational expertise and best practice with respect to study and management of commercial fish, shellfish and aquaculture under a climate change context, and through the strong marine science partnership of the consortium (4 Irish and Welsh HEIs, the Marine Institute and BIM), our aim is to provide region-wide adaptation strategies for the benefit of coastal communities. Bluefish will assess and disseminate knowledge of risks and opportunities for commercial fish and shellfish under predicted climate change impacts to our stakeholder groups, SMEs, coastal communities and interested parties in both Ireland and Wales using a variety of mediums that will appeal to all sectors.