Dr Susan Girdwood PhD

Senior Teaching Lab Technician

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Department of Life Sciences

Postal address
Aberystwyth University
Edward Llwyd Building
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Phone: 01970 621661


I provide technical support for the following modules

BR10720/RD11520 Crop and Grassland Management
BR14410 Exploring Genetics
RD11210 Animal Science
RD12220 Soil and Plant Science
BR20720/BG20720/RD22420/RD20620 Applied Nutrition of Livestock, Horses and Companion Animals
BR21810 Chromosome Dynamics
BR35720 Equine Nutrition and Pasture Management

BRM0300/BRM5300 Livestock Nutrition/Equine Nutrition

I also assist in the running of the Advanced Microscopy & Bioimaging Laboratory (Hitachi S-4700 FESEM, JEOL 1010 TEM, JEOL 840A CryoSEM, Leica laser confocal microscopes) and am responsible for a number of instruments in the Research Laboratories (e.g. GC-FID, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, Bruker NIR, Elemental Analysers, Sony SH800 Cell Sorter).