Dr Mathew Jones PhD

Business Development Officer

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Department of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences

Phone: 01970 622245

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To provide research support to IBERS (primarily the Animal Microbial Sciences Research Theme) by:

  • Providing support for academic staff in the development, formulation and preparation of research grant proposals.
  • Monitoring sources of funding, identify and proactively promoting new research opportunities.
  • Work with other departments in Aberystwyth and other research organisations where there are collaborative consortia opportunities.


Originally from Carmarthen, Mathew attended the University of Warwick and graduated in 2006 with a Masters in Chemistry with Professional Experience (1st Class Honours). As part of his undergraduate degree, Mathew spent 6 months working in industry at Warwick Effect Polymers LTD (now part of PolyTherics LTD) developing and optimising strategies for the synthesis of functional polymers by atom transfer radical polymerisation (ATRP).
Mathew began his PhD under the supervision of Professor David Haddleton in October 2006 and graduated in July 2011 after successfully defending his thesis titled "Novel Strategies in the Synthesis of Polymer-Protein Conjugates." He then spent one year as a PDRA working jointly with Professor David Haddleton and Dr. Matthew Gibson at Warwick. His work focussed on the development of new glycopolymers for applications in bacterial toxin inhibition and for the purification of pluripotent stem cells. This was funded by a Knowledge Transfer Secondment joint with Warwickshire NHS trust.
Mathew then spent a year in Sydney, Australia working at the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine. He was involved in a number of research projects involving the synthesis of nanoparticles for the targeted delivery of therapeutics. Mathew has been working as a Research Development Officer at IBERS since June 2013.