Dr Marie Busfield PhD Earth Sciences (Royal Holloway, University of London)MGeol Geology (University of Leicester)

Senior Lecturer

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Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Phone: 01970 621860

Research interests

My research uses detailed macro- and micro-scale sedimentology, geological and geomorphological mapping, and glacial sequence stratigraphy to understand the dynamic behaviour, scale and glacier thermal regime of ancient and modern ice masses. My work is predominantly field-based, involving extensive field seasons in Namibia, South Australia, the European Alps and the western US. Current research interests span several key strands: 1) Debris-covered glaciers and high mountain landscape evolution, including assessing the evolution of, and links between, slope and glacier surface debris, glacier structure, and foreland geomorphology; 2) Geomorphology under ice streams, with current projects focussed on Ordovician (~443 Ma) and Late Palaeozoic (~300 Ma) subglacial bedforms in South Africa which offer valuable analogues for modern environments that remain largely inaccessible beneath today’s ice masses; 3) Extreme cold climates, including interrogating Cryogenian ‘Snowball Earth’ glaciation in the western US and analysis of the world’s oldest glacial deposits (~2.2-2.4 Ga) in South Africa; and 4) Geoheritage, geotourism, and widening participation to celebrate and promote sustainable use of sites of geomorphological and geological interest for education, conservation, and tourism.


Dr. Marie Busfield is a Lecturer in Environmental Earth Science, specialising in glacial geology and sedimentology. Her research focuses on the use of clastic sedimentology, process geomorphology and micromorphology to study products of ancient and contemporary glaciation.