Dr Lucy Thompson

Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Creative Writing

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Department of English and Creative Writing

Phone: 01970 622982


Lucy teaches eighteenth and nineteenth-century literature. She works on the emotional impacts of surveillance in historical and contemporary settings, focused on gender and literary culture, as well as on Victorian and fin-de-siècle works. 

Her main research interests are Romanticism, gender, and surveillance theory, with a focus on how surveillance and mechanisms of invigilation were socialised and internalised between 1780 and 1830, and how this feeds into our experiences today. She is particularly interested in the recovery and analysis of women’s experience of inspection in the long nineteenth century and has explored surveillance under the rubrics of the medicalised body, the domestic body, and sexual bodies. She is also interested in the intersection between Critical Disability Studies and Surveillance Studies. She has recently published the book Gender, Surveillance, and Literature in the Romantic Period (2022)


A Century in Crisis: 1790s to 1890s

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