Dr Lowri Cunnington Wynn BA Sociology and Social Policy: Bangor University PhD: Bangor University

Darlithydd Cyfrwng Cymraeg Mewn Troseddeg

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Aberystwyth Law School

Phone: 01970 628602


Lowri graduated from Bangor University in 2007 with a first class honours degree in Sociology and Social Policy through the medium of Welsh. In the year after graduation, she worked as a research officer for the School of Psychology, studying the effects of bilingualism on cognitive behaviour. She subsequently received a postgraduate scholarship from the Welsh Language Board to complete her PhD in 2008. Her doctoral thesis explored the fact that young people who are not born in Wales leave the Welsh Heartlands at a rate four times higher than those who were born here, having an effect on the make-up of rural communities. For the last three years, Lowri has worked primarily within the social research sector taking up post-graduation roles at Wavehill Consultancy, Bangor University and the Welsh Language Board. She has a wealth of experience evaluating European funded projects, designing impact assessments, specific research projects and conducting community consultations. Coupled with her academic background, Lowri is passionate about youth and community work and has been involved in many projects within her locality.

Additional information

Lowri is now the Welsh Medium Lecturer in Criminology for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

Research interests

Outmigration and Young People from the Welsh Heartlands: PhD

Language Learning and Childcare Choice in Wales: Wales Journal of Education

The Out-migration of Young People from the Welsh Heartlands


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