Liam Bird Bachelor of Law (LLB)- Aberystwyth University, Master of Law (LLM)- Aberystwyth University

Part-Time Teacher - Law & Criminology

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Aberystwyth Law School


I have been studying at Aberystwyth University since 2017. While at the University I have taken part in a wide collection of extra curricular activities, such as presiding over the Debating Union as well as working on the department's Veterans Legal Link project and the Family law clinic.

I have also been both the head of training and outreach at the Mooting Society and often take part in events run by them.

I am currently the Westlaw representative and a part time Lecturer within the department.  

My PHD is focused around the examination of the role of juries and magistrates in the modern legal system, exploring whether they are 'fit for purpose.'


Westlaw Representative- Department of Law and Criminology


Seminar Teaching in Contract Law (LC13820)
Seminar Teaching in Environmental Law (LC37720)
Seminar Teaching in Labour Law (LC26820)

General Teaching in Legal Skills (LC10420 & LC20420)