Dr Katarina Kusic

Research Fellow

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Katarina is an ESRC post-doctoral fellow in the Department of International Politics (2018/2019). Her post-doctoral project aims to develop the impact of and engagement with her doctoral project that was examined at Aberystwyth University in November 2018. Before returning to Aberystwyth, she taught as a Lecturer at the University of Bristol.

Katarina's research uses multi-sited ethnography to study the social, political, and economic transformations in Southeast Europe and uses these insights to rethink IR concepts and social science approaches. She is especially interested in:

1) the promises and limitation of experiential knowledge and narrative approaches to IR and social sciences more generally

2) conversations between postcolonial/decolonial thought and studies of Southeast Europe and Critical Balkanism

3) the importance and role of land and agriculture in political transformations 

During her PhD studies, Katarina was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz, and a visiting student at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade.