Jessica Friedersdorff BSc Biomedical Science; MSc Infection and Immunity, PhD Biological Sciences

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I have just completed my PhD at Aberystwyth and I consider myself a microbiologist and bioinformatician. I have a passion for bacteriophages, and the roles they play in microbiomes. My doctoral research in particular studied the complex rumen microbiome, and because this is such an understudied yet important system, I am pursuing funding opportunities to continue to understand phages in the rumen population, and whether phages can control the microbiome with positive effects. The implications of ruminants on sustainable food, future agriculture and climate change makes them a fascinating yet wide-reaching topic.


Currently an Associate Lecturer in IBERS, I am teaching on a variety of undergraduate modules. I have experience assisting with supervision of undergraduate students, Nuffield placements for A-level students and teaching not just in IBERS but also in Computer Science.