Dr Jacqueline Daykin

Honorary Research Fellow

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Department of Computer Science


Jackie is a Sêr Cymru II Fellow working on big data stringology algorithms for bioinformatics sequencing.

Her research journey started with combinatorics of partially ordered sets which led to stringology algorithmics and topics in artificial intelligence. She’s been intrigued by lexicographic Lyndon words and the Burrows-Wheeler transform and has investigated variants derived from integrating these structures with different ordering and search methods.

The current focus is on applying this expertise to bioinformatics alignment and compression algorithms. The application of these techniques to infectious diseases is of particular interest.

Jackie’s teaching experience spans the USA, UK and Africa which was combined with career breaks for raising a family.

She is a member of The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Women's Engineering Society, and participates in various research communities: StringMasters, AlgoUK, and the Centre for Combinatorics on Words and Applications.