Dr Ian Saunders BSc Hons in Environmental Earth Science, PhD in Geochemistry

Teaching Laboratory Technician, Senior Teaching Laboratory Technician

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Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Phone: 01970 622593

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Teaching Laboratory Technician in the Kidson Laboratory


Ian came to Aberystwyth University as a mature student in 2008. After attaining a First Class BSc Honours Degree in Environmental Earth Science he completed a PhD research project entitled "Isotopic fractionation of Ni during the Mond vapometallurgical refining process: Implications for Ni contamination source investigations in the Lower Swansea Valley, South Wales".


Teaching geochemistry and the physical and chemical analysis of soils and sediments. Supporting undergraduate, post graduate and academic research projects.


Kidson Laboratory. Facilities for the physical and chemical analysis of soils and sediments. Analytical instrumentation includes; an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, flame photometers, UV-Vis spectrophotometers and a laser granulometer.

Research interests

Research interests include stable isotope geochemistry, environmental monitoring and contamination remediation.