Dr Glenys Williams LLB Wales, 1978; Solicitor of the Supreme Court (1981); PhD Wales, 2003; FHEA


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Aberystwyth Law School

Research interests

My research focuses on the impact which criminal law concepts have on medical law decision-making, particularly at the end of life. I research particularly into (i) aspects of euthanasia and assisted suicide, and (ii) the theory behind criminal law excusatory defences. I am a member of the Socio Legal Studies Association and of the Society of Legal Scholars and have presented my research at their conferences, and more widely. I supervise a number of PhD students both in the medical and criminal law fields.

I have Peer Reviewed for the AHRC, and I regularly act as a reviewer for a number of major journals, including The Medical Law Review; Monash Law Review; Sydney Law Review; Clinical Ethics; Bioethics; and the Journal of Medical Ethics.

I am also a member of the Editorial Board of the prestigious Medical Law Review.

An article I wrote with a colleague: “Inferring Intention” (2004) 55 (1) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 69-77 (jointly authored with Gavin Dingwall), has recently been cited in the Ontario Court of Appeal in R v Boone 2019 ONCA 652.




After qualifying and practicing as a solicitor for a number of years, I  returned to the Law Department at Aberystwyth to study for a PhD in 1997. I am now a Reader in Law,  where I teach law through the medium of both Welsh and English.


I am the head of Assessments in the Department of Law & Criminology, and also recruit Internationally. I am a member of the University's Unacceptable Academic Practice Panel


I have taught a number of modules over the last 20 years, including e.g. legal skills; legal system; constitutional law; controversial issues and the UG dissertation module. I am currently teaching Criminal law; Sports: Law and Society; Medicine, Law and Ethics. 

Additional information

In 2009, I wrote written advice to Defence Counsel in the Court of Appeal case of R v Evans [2009] EWCA Crim 650; attendance at the Court of Appeal (24 February 2009), and subsequent written advice to Counsel on a Certified Question to the House of Lords.        


Monograph: Intention and Causation in Medical Non-killing: The Impact of Criminal Law Concepts on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (December 2006) Routledge Cavendish.

Journal articles: I have recently submitted 2 articles: Duress and Loss of Control: Fear and Anger in Excusatory Defences; and Minimally Conscious State: Too much haste; too little caution.

Nicklinson and Carter: the discrimination and equality provisions in Assisted Suicide.” 14 (1) Contemporary Issues in Law 21-47 (Special Issues on End of Life Decisions).

“Necessity: Duress of Circumstances or Moral Involuntariness?” (2014) 13 (1) Common Law World Review 1-28.

“Assisted Suicide, the Code for Crown Prosecutors and the DPP’s Discretion” (2010) 39 (2) Common Law World Review 181-203.

Gross Negligence Manslaughter and Duty of Care in ‘Drugs’ Cases: R v Evans” [2009] 9 Criminal Law Review 631-647

“Supply of drugs: Duty of Care” (2009) 73 Journal of Criminal Law 457-470.

“Acts and Omissions in Treatment Withdrawal: Conceptual Problems and Policy Decisions” (2008) Cambrian Law Review 75-94.

"Suicide" entry in the New Oxford Companion to Law (2008) Cane & Conaghan (eds) Oxford University Press, Oxford (by request)

"The Declaratory Judgement: Old and new law in 'Medical' Cases" (2007) 8 (4) Medical Law International 277-304.

"Legal Education in Welsh – an Empirical Study” (2005) 39 (3) The Law Teacher 259-276.

Inferring Intention” (2004) 55 (1) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 69-77 (jointly authored with Gavin Dingwall). 

“The Principle of Double Effect and Terminal Sedation” (2001) 9 (1) Medical Law Review 41-53.

“Provocation and Killing with Compassion” (2001) 65 (2) The Journal of Criminal Law 149-160.

“Re A (Children) (Conjoined Twins)” (2001) 1 (2) Wales Law Journal 183-187.

“Y Cwsg Olaf: Y drafodaeth Ddyrys” (2001) 20 Cennad 46-49.

Review articles:

A review of Criminalising Contagion. Legal and Ethical Challenges of Disease Transmission and the Criminal Law (September 2018) 26 (1) Medical Law Review 146.

A review of Assisted Suicide: The Liberal, Humanist Case against Legalization (2015) 23 (3) Medical Law Review 498.

A review of End of Life decisions in Medical Care (2013) 21 (3) Medical Law Review 499-506

A review of Assisted Death. A study in Ethics and Law (2013) 2 (7) Criminal Law and Philosophy 403-416.

A review of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: A Natural Law Ethics Approach (2009) 20 (3) King’s Law Journal 553-558.

A review of Medically Assisted Death (2009) Medical Law Review 491-496.