Giselle Rosetta MPhys (1st hons.)

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Department of Physics


Giselle is a fourth year PhD student of the Soft Matter lab. She studies thin-film polymer photonic crystals which play host to a range of light manipulation phenomena including structural colour. Otherwise known as iridescence, this highly saturated colouration mechanism is seen throughout nature in birds, butterflies, and berries. Through the manufacture of engineered nanostructures, the Polymer Opals team is able to achieve similar effects; and the group hopes to realise the potential of these novel materials as strain sensors and optical coatings.

Giselle's PhD is funded by KESS-2, sponsored by Varichem Co. (Brynmawr, South Wales). She has been awarded £10k+ in grants and bursaries from the Joy Welch Trust, Universities Wales, and others. Other recognitions include the Walter Idris Award (2016), Departmental First Year PhD Award (2019), and Best Faculty 3rd Year Parallel Talk (2021). She is a member of the highly competitive transnational European Industrial Doctoral School Class of 2019. She is supervised by Dr. Chris Finlayson, Dr. Matt Gunn, and Dr. Neil Racz.