Dr David Warren-Walker

Biopolymer Biotechnologist

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IBERS Research

Phone: 01970 823125

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Xylitol: An alternative sweetener for dairy products

Bryant , D , Potu , M , Ravella , R , Gallagher , J & Walker , D J 2015 , Xylitol: An alternative sweetener for dairy products . in A K Puniya (ed.) , Fermented Milk and Dairy Products . Fermented Foods and Beverages Series , Taylor & Francis .

Process Optimisation of Steam Explosion Parameters on Multiple Lignocellulosic Biomass using Taguchi Method – A Critical Appraisal

Walker , DJ , Gallagher , J , Winters , A , Somani , A , Ravella , R , Bryant , D , 2018 In : Frontiers in Energy Research


I have a 2.1 in Agriculture and Countryside Management (Hons.) achieved 2012, a Masters (Merit) in Green Biotechnology and Innovation Management achieved 2013, and a Climate-KIC funded PhD in Biotechnology pretreatment and Microbiology scale-up achieved 2018 all from the Aberystwyth University. My PhD focused on steam explosion pretreatment of multiple biomass resources to release the hemicellulose component for subsequent bioconversion of xylose to xylitol. Since completing my PhD I have been employed working on various biorefining projects looking at lignin, bioconversion, enzyme assessment, product purification and crystallisation.