Prof Barry Thomas

Honorary Appointment

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Department of Life Sciences

Research interests

My main area of research is in Carboniferous palaeobotany especially the taxonomy, geographic and stratigraphic distribution and ecology of the lycophytes and calamites. I am a participant of of IGCP 575: Pennsylvanian terrestrial habitats and biotas of southeastern Euramerica. My other research interests are geoconservation (currently working at a Carboniferous exposure (GCR and SSSI) at Brymbo, Wrexham) and living pteridophytes.


  • Lord Adams Research Fellow (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • Head of Life Sciences & Dean of Science and Mathematics, Goldsmiths' College, London. Keeper of Botany, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Professor, Geography department, University College Lampeter.
  • Lecturer, Cape Coast University Ghana
  • Research Fellow of the National Museum of Wales.
  • Winstone Churchill Felllow 1995
  • Trustee of: the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, British Institute for Geological Conservation, Pensions Committee of the National Museum of Wales.
  • Member of the Advisory Group to the National Library.
  • Past President of the British Pteridological Society.
  • Lead member for long term conservation and interpretation of a Carboniferous plant fossil site at Brymbo, Wrexham.