Revitalise Project - Workshop 4

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14 Feb 201915 Feb 2019

Type(s) Participation in workshop, seminar, course

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Event TitleRevitalise Project - Workshop 4
Duration14 Feb 201915 Feb 2019
LocationY Senedd & Pierhead Centre, Cardiff Bay
CountryUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


The aim of the event was to provide an opportunity to critically assess some of the main trends in how contemporary efforts to revitalise the prospects of minority languages are governed. Participants were encouraged to reflect on the different types of actors that contribute to the process of developing and implementing different language revitalisation in initiatives, and on the nature of the relationship between some of these different actors. This entailed assessing the relationship between, and relative influence of, both governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as evaluating the significance of different territorial scales –local, regional, state and international – for language revitalisation efforts. Overall, the workshop sought to consider the extent to which current trends in language policy governance should prompt a rethink in traditional understandings of how the challenge of language revitalisation should be approached.