Revitalise Project - Workshop 2

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08 Sep 201709 Sep 2017

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Event TitleRevitalise Project - Workshop 2
Duration08 Sep 201709 Sep 2017
LocationSchool of Scottish and Celtic Studies, University of Edinburgh
CountryUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


The workshop explores to what extent current changes in the way people organize their domestic lives are impacting on how the family contributes to the process of language acquisition. The increasing trend of both parents working full-time has resulted in grandparents being more involved in the upbringing of children, and in an increased role for various care and early-years education providers. Given such developments, the workshop seeks to compare the current contribution of the family with that of other institutions that contribute to child socialisation, such as the education system, in particular, its early-years component, and ask whether we need to re-evaluate the status traditionally accorded to each within language revitalisation frameworks.