The Close-Up Imager Onboard the ESA ExoMars Rover: Objectives, Description, Operations and Science Validation Activities

Awduron Sefydliadau
  • Jean-Luc Josset(Awdur)
    Space Exploration Institute
  • Frances Westall(Awdur)
    Centre de Biophysique Moleculaire
  • Beda A. Hofmann(Awdur)
    Natural History Museum of Bern
    University of Bern
  • John Spray(Awdur)
    University of New Brunswick
  • Charles Cockell(Awdur)
    University of Edinburgh
  • Stephan Kempe(Awdur)
    Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Andrew D. Griffiths(Awdur)
    University College London
  • Maria Cristina de Sanctis(Awdur)
    Instituto di Astrofisica e Plantetologia Spaziali
  • Luigi Colangeli(Awdur)
    European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC)
  • Detlef Koschny(Awdur)
    European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC)
  • Karl Föllmi(Awdur)
    University of Lausanne
  • Eric Verrecchia(Awdur)
    University of Lausanne
  • Larryn Diamond(Awdur)
    University of Bern
  • Marie Josset(Awdur)
    Space Exploration Institute
  • Emmanuelle J. Javaux(Awdur)
    University of Liège
  • Francesca Esposito(Awdur)
    Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte
  • Matt Gunn(Awdur)
  • Audrey L. Souchon-Leitner(Awdur)
    Space Exploration Institute
  • Tomaso R. R. Bontognali(Awdur)
    ETH Zurich
  • Oleg Korablev(Awdur)
    Russian Space Research Institute
  • Suren Erkman(Awdur)
    University of Lausanne
  • Gerhard Paar(Awdur)
    Joanneum Research
  • Suren Ulamec(Awdur)
    DLR Institute of Planetary Research
  • Frédéric Foucher(Awdur)
    Centre de Biophysique Moleculaire
  • Philippe Martin(Awdur)
    Lpc2E - CNRS
  • Antoine Verhaeghe(Awdur)
    Space Exploration Institute
  • Mitko Tanevski(Awdur)
    Space Exploration Institute
  • Jorge L. Vago(Awdur)
    European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC)
Math Erthygl
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Tudalennau (o-i)595-611
Nifer y tudalennau17
Rhif y cyfnodolyn6-7
Dangosyddion eitem ddigidol (DOIs)
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 01 Gorff 2017
Cysylltiad parhaol
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The Close-Up Imager (CLUPI) onboard the ESA ExoMars Rover is a powerful high-resolution color camera specifically designed for close-up observations. Its accommodation on the movable drill allows multiple positioning. The science objectives of the instrument are geological characterization of rocks in terms of texture, structure, and color and the search for potential morphological biosignatures. We present the CLUPI science objectives, performance, and technical description, followed by a description of the instrument's planned operations strategy during the mission on Mars. CLUPI will contribute to the rover mission by surveying the geological environment, acquiring close-up images of outcrops, observing the drilling area, inspecting the top portion of the drill borehole (and deposited fines), monitoring drilling operations, and imaging samples collected by the drill. A status of the current development and planned science validation activities is also given. Key Words: Mars—Biosignatures—Planetary Instrumentation. Astrobiology 17, 595–611