Dr Tom Holt BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth MSc (Hons) in Glaciology in 2006, UWA PhD from Aberystwyth University, 2008-2012

Senior Lecturer

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Ffôn: 01970 628449


Dr. Tom Holt is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, specialising in glaciology and remote sensing. His research focuses on the use of optical, radar and microwave imagery and data to quantify changes in the cryosphere.


Geography Programme Coordinator 

Peer Guide Coordinator (Academic Lead)

NSS Champion


GS10520 Earth Surface Environment

GS22010 Physical Analysis of Natural Materials

GS32120 Sedimentary Environments

Plus contribution to tutorials, dissertation supervision and fieldwork module

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Tom is a remote-sensing glaciologist with an interest in how glaciers and ice sheets have responded to environmental change. He uses data acquired by satellites, aircrafts and drones to quantify ice-mass extent, structural evolution, debris-cover changes and glacier dynamics. He has published works relating to glacial changes in Antarctica, Greenland, the High-Arctic (Russia, Svalbard, Canada), the European Alps and Patagonia. Current research projects continue his long-standing interests in Antarctic Ice Shelf disintegration, as well as long-term changes to glacier systems in the Swiss Alps, the structural controls on Himalayan glacier recession, and the reconstruction of Earth's former ice sheets from landform evidence.