Dr Ruth Wonfor BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Animal and Equine Science

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  • Lecturer in Animal and Equine ScienceIBERS - Dysgu ac Ymchwil


Ffôn: 01970 823093

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My research interests broadly lie in animal health and subsequent effects on production, with a focus on dairy cow reproductive diseases. My research utilises in vitro models of diseases to investigate inflammatory immune responses. This in vitro work has also led me to an interest into cultured meat, where I work on cell and media sources. 


I obtained a BSc(Hons) in Equine and Human Sport Science in 2011 and MSc in Animal Science in 2013 from Aberystwyth University. Following on from this, I went on to complete a PhD in bovine reproductive immunology and endocrinology in 2016, investigating the immune modulatory role of preimplantation factor in the bovine endometrium. Within my PhD research I utilised in vitro tissue and cell culture models to investigate immune and endocrine responses. Whilst writing my PhD, I spent some time working as a Teaching Assistant in IBERS. After completion of my PhD, I worked as a Knowledge Exchange Fellow in IBERS as part of the Knowledge Exchange Hub and alongside Farming Connect to disseminate scientific research into the agricultural industry. Through this role I wrote a number of technical articles on a wide range of Animal Science topics, as well as being involved in the development of several EIP Operational Groups in Wales.