Dr Rao Ravella PhD

Microbiologist/Fermentation Scientist

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  • Microbiologist/Fermentation ScientistIBERS - Ymchwil


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Aberystwyth University
Edward Llwyd Building
Teyrnas Unedig Prydain Fawr a Gogledd Iwerddon
Ffôn: 01970 823040

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Currently: Scientist - BEACON biorefining EU project. Industrial Biomass Biorefining


  • Co- Investigator: Climate-KIC Innovation: Adaptation and Mitigation through Bio-Succinate Innovation (ADMIT Bio-Succinnovate) and xylitol production (Value -14 Million Euro) -2013 -2017.
  • Co Investigator: Climate-KIC Pathfinder: Sustainable Biogas Process Optimisation & Implementation Strategies (Biogas2Market) - 2013 £2,50,000
  • Co- Investigator : Academic Expertise for Business (A4B): Knowledge Transfer and Collaborative Industrial Research. Sustainable Ryegrass Products (STARS) (2013 -15) £600k
    • Principal Investigator: Mycological contaminants of the diets of ponies (2011). £100K
    • Named Researcher: BBSRC LoLA: Engineering Synthetic Microbial Communities for Biomethane Production (2013 – 2018) £ 3.1 million*Co-I: BBSRC Masters training grant (2010-2013) £ 279,005
  • Co-Investigator: Benchmarked several biogas plants throughout Europe: EU AGRO-BIOGAS (513949) - European Biogas Initiative to improve the yield of agricultural biogas plants, funded by EU FP6 programme. 5.9 Million Euros
  • Developed Early warning system for biogas plants transferred to several biogas plants in Europe (2007-2010).
  • Scientist: Rothamsted Research, North Wyke, involved in EPS (Extracellular polymeric substances) research part of the North Wyke UK BBSRC strategic programme (2008-2012) £836,672 .
  • Member: BBSRC India partnering award: (2008-2011).
  • Outstanding performance award by Rothamsted Research in 2009.


Principal Investigator - Fermentation Science REF submitable scientist

My first degree was in Microbiology, followed by a PhD in Microbiology (fermentations). After a few years of Postdoc work at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, India, I moved to the UK. I joined IGER in 2007 as research scientist (fermentations) and worked at North Wyke - what is now Rothamsted Research. I joined IBERS in Feb 2012, as a fermentation scientist -part of the BEACON EU project- which focuses on biorefinery products and pilot scale fermentations. I am interested in characterisation of microorganisms especially yeasts from extreme environments for biorefinery products. Expertise in fermentations, Design of Experiments (DOE) concepts especially Taguchi method applied to biotech processes and process optimization. Involvement in several research programmes led to 60 international referred journal publications and highly cited (3265 citations, h-index -31).


Microbial Biotechnology, fermentations, Design of Experiments (DOE), Taguchi Methods

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Microbial Biotechnology especially biorefinery products, microbiology, xylose utilizing yeasts and fermentation optimizations. Working with industries through collaborative projects.


BBSRC Innovate UK Newton-Fund: (Oct 2018 to Sep 2021) UK-India Industrial Waste Challenge 2017: Lead: Aberystwyth University, Title of the project: ‘BIOREVIEW: Biorefining Value from Industrial Waste’ (Value £2.4 Million, for Aberystwyth University -£635,234) (VFAs, XOS, Xylitol production)

Innovate UK: TS/R010544/1 (May 2018- Jan 2021) ‘Developing a process to manufacture lactic acid from waste-derived sugars’, Project Category: Research Grant, Value £319,041

BBSRC funded: Bioreactor system for Industrial Biotechnology process development, Project Category: Research Grant, Aug 2017 - Aug 2018, Project Reference: BB/R000700/1 Value: £389,401

Queen Elizabeth II, Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships in Water and Energy, (2016 -2020) jointly submitted with University of Windsor, Canada. (Total value 1.7 Million Canadian dollars for 4 years)

P2P BBSRC NIBB funded, Project Title: ‘Reducing Arabitol Formation to Improve Xylitol Production from Brewers Spent Grains; an exemplar process’ (Apr 2018 – Sep 2018), Value: £54,939

Welsh government funded - Life Sciences Bridge fund ‘Process for xylitol purification and crystallization’ Jun 2017 to Mar 2018, Value: £64,288

Climate-KIC-Project title: ‘Adaptation and Mitigation through Bio-Succinate Innovation’  (ADMIT Bio-SuccInnovate), Project Category: Innovation -Research Grant, (Mar 2014 – 3May 2017) Total Project Value 14 Million Euro