Nina Ataee

Gweld graff cysylltiadau



GS22010: Physical Analysis of Natural Materials (Demonstrator)     

GS13020: Researching the World: Data Collection and Analysis (Demonstrator)                                                                                              

GS12520: Introduction to Earth Materials (Demonstrator)



GS22010: Physical Analysis of Natural Materials (Additional Lecturer and Demonstrator)     




Nina obtained her B.S. degree in Physics from the University of Tehran. She subsequently studied for an M.S. degree in the interdisciplinary major of Geophysics at the University of Tehran where she became familiar with luminescence dating. Her project focused on understanding a fault system mechanism by analysing earthquake focal mechanisms as well as calculating the slip rate of one single fault in that fault system using luminescence-dated samples. As she had developed a keen interest in Earth Sciences during this project, she obtained a second M.S. in Geology from the Kansas State University. During her time in Kansas, she developed luminescence dating methods in tectonically active settings by dating faulted fanglomerates in alluvial fans located in southern California.

Since September 2019 Nina is an AberDoc and President’s funded PhD student at Aberystwyth University, working on development of a novel luminescence dating method: Violet Stimulated Luminescence.


Supervisors: Professor Helen Roberts and Professor Geoff Duller