Dr Laura Lyons PhD in Microbiology

Senior Research Technician - Analytical Chemistry

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  • Senior Research Technician - Analytical ChemistryIBERS - Arall




I currently work as an Analytical Chemist in the High Resolution Metabolomics Laboratory. I am responsible for sample handling and preparation, along with running and maintaining instruments, and data analysis.

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I hold a PhD in Microbiology from IBERS, Aberystwyth University, where I was working under the joint supervision of Kerrie Farrar and Justin Pachebat. Therefore I have experience in molecular, genetic, chemical analytical, and computational approaches. Currently, I work in a core metabolomics group to provide quality data and analysis for a large number of projects, from Diet, Exercise and Health, to Food and Beverages. My position has enabled me to gain skills pertaining to human analytical chemistry and metabolism. I have worked on multiple University approved clinical trials as well as assisting with a number of NHS approved clinical trials. I work closely with PDRAs who run Health and Well-being Assessments/Intervention studies, alongside Future Foods to gain information from metabolic content of biofluids and chemical phenotyping via high throughput fingerprinting and mass spectrometry profiling. I have also aided in investigations of current and future food and beverage products to push forward growth of Welsh businesses as part of the Future Foods project, which is a WEFO and Welsh Government funded programme. Research and development is company led, with scientific support provided by the University team. I aid in optimisation of sample extraction and processing, as well as instrument methodology, and utilise RStudio for sample analysis.