Dr Jeff Bridoux BA Free University of Brussels MA Free University of Brussels PhD Prfysgol Caint

Lecturer in International Politics

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Aberystwyth University
International Politics Building
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Ffôn: 01970 622329

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Jeff's current research concentrates on the future of the liberal word order with a focus on the United States as provider and guardian of said order. Other areas of interest include US foreign policy, post-conflict reconstruction and the concept of power in IR theory.


Jeff Bridoux (PhD, University of Kent, Canterbury) is Lecturer in International Politics. His research interests are located in the future of the liberal world order, the use of the concept of power in International Relations, especially regarding American Foreign Policy, international politics of the Middle East and East Asia, post-conflict reconstruction, democracy promotion and democratisation. He is the author of American Foreign Policy and Postwar Reconstruction (Routledge) and Democracy Promotion: A Critical Introduction (with Milja Kurki, Routledge). He is Editor for the Exeter Studies in World Orders book series, Exeter University Press.


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IP2/34420 By the People: US Politics, Past and Present

IP2/36920 America at War: A Military History of the United States

IQ2/30420 International Statebuilding: Reconstructing war-torn States

IQ2/32220 US Foreign Policy

IPM3820 Power and Postwar Reconstruction: a Critical Approach