Donall Cross BSc, MSc

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  • Mosquito ecology
  • Insect dispersal
  • Temporal and spatial patterns in malaria vector aquatic habitats
  • Agent-based modelling of mosquito populations
  • Climate-driven modelling of vector-borne diseases


Dónall completed a BSc in Zoology in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, before continuing studies there with an MSc in Managing the Environment (Habitat Restoration and Conservation pathway). His MSc dissertation used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to investigate some effects of wind farms on the breeding productivity of the red kite Milvus milvus in Wales.

He subsequently worked for Environment Systems in Aberystwyth, co-ordinating monitoring of ecological impacts of Welsh agri-environment schemes, before returning to Aberystwyth University in 2011 to work on the HydroMal project. During a year undertaking fieldwork in Tanzania for the project, working with Ifakara Health Institute, he carried out detailed hydrological and entomological monitoring to characterise the relationship between hydrology and mosquito populations. He has since worked on the AnimalChange project, investigating potential effects of climate change on vector-borne livestock diseases, and is now continuing work on the HydroMal theme, developing an agent-based mosquito population model which can be applied to spatially and temporally dynamic hydrological landscapes. He intends to complete a PhD alongside his PGRA work.

Dónall is very keen to continue working in East Africa (having previously also undertaken a year's voluntary work in Kenya where he was involved with ornithological research) and warmly welcomes invitations to collaborate.