Dr David Cutress

Knowledge Exchange Fellow

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IBERS Research

Ffôn: 01970 823137


Knowledge Exchange Fellow (Farming Connect) and Academic tutor for Bioinnovation Wales .Fromer project Manager and Curriculum Development Officer - PreciseAg project. Recieved a PhD in molecular bilology and biochemistry for work on novel drug design for the livestock parasite Fasciola hepatica. Currently focused on agriculture working alongside Farming Connect 

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[3] Line. K,Isupov M., LaCourse. J, Morphew R, Brophy. P, Cutress.D, and Jennifer A Littlechild X-ray structure of Fasciola hepatica Sigma class glutathione transferase 1 reveals a disulfide bond to support stability in gastro-intestinal environment – [Submitted 2018]

[2]Duncan J., Cutress, D., Morphew, R. & Brophy, P.M. (2018). Purification of native Sigma Class Glutathione Transferase from Fasciola hepatica. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology

[1]Geyer, K., Niazi, U., Duval, D., Cosseau, C., Tomlinson, C., Chalmers, I., Swain, M., Cutress, D., Bickham-Wright, U., Munshi, S., Grunau, C., Yoshino, T. and Hoffmann, K. (2017). The Biomphalaria glabrata DNA methylation machinery displays spatial tissue expression, is differentially active in distinct snail populations and is modulated by interactions with Schistosoma mansoni. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases


Teach on 

BDM6420 - Precision livestock

Developing materials for 

BDM5920 - Livestock health and welfare